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Weekender Bender.

Hello! How was your weekend? Did you join the surging gift-shopping crowds, or did you hole up at home with a good movie and some chips? :)

My weekend flew by in a flurry of activity, and I’m still trying to absorb everything that happened without wanting to keel over in exhaustion. So please excuse my incoherence / rambling – it’s the tiredness showing.

Saturday was shopping for new wedding shoes (yet again… yes, kill me now), getting a foot massage and then my nails done, and attending a Christmas party at K & C’s house. The highlight of the night was the gift exchange – everyone was buzzing with excitement at their new gifts. M and I were rather pleased with ours – we received Dean & Deluca teas and nice black-and-white woodcut-inspired coasters! :)

Today was the most eventful part though – it was our photo-shoot day. We had a later-than-expected start to the morning thanks to a miscommunication with the makeup artist, which meant we left a few things we needed at home while rushing out. (like, my handphone, with the photographer’s number in it.) Thankfully, we were at Dempsey / Portsdown, which was nearby so we could go home to pick it up.

I thought the photo shoot was going to be about staring intensely into one another’s eyes while posing serenely in a verdant meadow, with the breeze running through our hair. 


Within 5 minutes of the shoot, my shoes were off, and my feet were wet and squidgy from mud. My dress had already picked up some dirt from the rusty swing and afore-mentioned mud. I was sweating into the satin lining of my dress.

Under the hot morning sun, we trespassed a restaurant/bar (and drank some beer from the tap while we were at it), climbed up cement slopes littered with broken beer bottles, held hands under a tree next to a railroad track and staring construction workers, and tore my dress. Every time my photographer came up with some crazy idea, we would say, “CAN!” before we could think too much.

The result? A poop-tired, slightly sunburnt me with sore feet.

I cannot wait to see how the pictures turned out!

p/s Where did all the time go?! It’s Christmas next week!


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