Sneak Peek.

It feels weird to see us kissing! In our wedding attire! Knowing someone else was taking a photo! Woot.

(Thank you, Thomas!)

{photo by The Peeping Thom}


11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek.

  1. cherylg says:

    wow…looks fabulous z!!! would LOVE to see the rest. show more please?

    btw…the sarahseven dress finally came and it’s quite lovely. (it fit, phew) wore it to a wedding…photos when i can get off my lazy ass to upload. :)

  2. theletterzee says:

    hello babe! awww, thanks for your sweet words :) haha i don’t have any more photos than that, the shoot just finished yesterday and the photographer just posted this one shot on his blog. i think the rest of the photos will only be ready a lot closer to the wedding.

    i’m excited to see pictures of your sarahseven dress!!! yay that it fit! post it post it :)

  3. diana says:

    I love the dress! and Marc’s suit! and the tree! and the entire photo!

    Can’t wait to see more of the photos… All the sweat was worth it :)

  4. The Peeping Thom says:



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