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Save The Date.

We’re a month away, people!

(WTF? Woot! Yay! OMG! Gaaaaaahh!)

This is our Save The Date, designed by my awesome colleague K. We sent it out via email. It is actually one of her sketch sheets for our wedding invitation design, that she scanned and traced in. Isn’t it great? M & I love it :)


6 thoughts on “Save The Date.

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  2. Lingz says:

    Hi there,

    I am a random reader of your blog who is totally in love with your save the date design.

    Do you think I can use your idea for mine?

    My wedding is in October this year.

    Hear from you soon – Email me, yah?


    • theletterzee says:

      Hi there, this design is not available for re-use. I don’t know if you read my post carefully, but this is done for me by a designer friend. It carries a lot of sentimentality for my husband, myself and my friend. She (the designer) does not approve circulation or reuse of her work, and neither do I.

      This was designed for me and is not a commercial Save The Date that you can buy/get for free.

      Of course, if you’re thinking of getting some other designer to copy this idea, or thinking of copying-pasting the file and using it as is, by all means I can’t stop you :) But if you’re asking for the actual hi-res image file to re-jig for your own usage, I’m afraid you think too much of my generosity!

      Thank you for liking this enough to ask, but again the answer is a no.

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