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The Make-up Artist(s)

Let’s talk about make-up.

You know, in real life, I’m a creature of (make-up) habit. I have been using the same eyebrow pencil, blush and concealer for years, unwaveringly. I rely on my staples because I know what I want out of makeup, and I am done experimenting when I have charted a path to getting what I want.

Similarly with my bridal makeup, I had an idea of what I wanted.

No fake-cake foundation. No screaming-pink blush.

Basically, I wanted to look like a more radiant, polished version of me. I wanted M to still see me (and my face) walking down the aisle, not a shadowy semblance of me covered in foundation frosting, topped with bright blue eyeshadow and pepto-bismol pink lips.

Now the question was… which make-up artist could give me that?

Prior to my photo shoot, I had done a trial bridal makeup session with a makeup artist whom my wedding-gown designer recommended. To cut the story short, I was not impressed by either the attitude of the makeup artist during the trial, nor her handiwork. She rushed through the entire session, would not incorporate my requests into her work (e.g. thicker brows, individual lashes instead of strip lashes for my sensitive eyes, concealer to cover my dark eye circles), and made me up to look older and sallower than I look in my own makeup.

Case in point : I ended up with eyelash glue rather unceremoniously stuck to my eyelids/eyeshadow, thanks to her brusque instruction for me to open up my eyes RIGHT after she had applied the false eyelashes on my lashline. Eugh.

So when it came to the photo shoot, my photographer The Peeping Thom recommended Jyue Huey from The Makeup Room . Her services did not come cheap, and so I back-and-forthed about it for awhile. But it turns out that she is a total godsend.

First up, she comes with extensive experience, having worked on weddings and commercial jobs in her 11 years as a makeup artist.

Experience only takes you so far though. I think what differentiates her from the others is her personality.

She is patient, gentle, talks you through what she is doing, and listens to what you want. (For instance – I wanted thicker brows; she gave them to me. My wedding-makeup artist flatly refused to despite my request.) Even her hand is gentle – she dabs rather than swipes, she doesn’t rush through the process to get to the end. She’s the kind of soothing energy you’d want around you on the frenetic, buzzy wedding morning.

And did I mention I loved the end result of her artistry? She opened up my eyes with well-placed individual eyelashes, and a mild smokey look with gunmetal-grey eyeshadow blended into shimmery beige. My hair was coiffed into a voluminous, slightly messy, bob.

I looked like me, but better. I looked like how I wanted to look on my wedding day.

Having gone through my trial wedding-makeup session with another makeup artist, I had a point of comparison. And goodness was there a difference!

I paid a dear price for her services, but every cent was worth it.

(And I’m using her for my wedding, too! Bye bye, horrid makeup artist!)


2 thoughts on “The Make-up Artist(s)

  1. bob says:

    hi zee, i have been reading your blog since early this year because i am attracted to all the beautiful pictures you’ve posted, lifts my spirits every time! When i read that you’ll be engaging Thomas to do your pre wedding pictures and when Thomas called me, i knew immediately that either Jyue or myself would be helping you with your makeup. So i am reallý pleased to know that The Make Up Room got a mention on your blog, yaý!!! I just wanna wish that all goes well on your big day, and i’m certain you’ll be a beautiful bride in jyue’s good hands!↲Bobbie

    • theletterzee says:

      Hello there Bobbie! Thank you so much for your lovely comments… Thomas told me you read my blog, and I’m really glad that I in some small way help lift your spirits :)

      Yes, I am engaging Jyue Huey’s services for the evening makeup, but I believe she’s not able to do my day makeup. She mentioned she will recommend a colleague – perhaps it’s you? Hehe. Either way, I’m going down to your studio to meet her on Tuesday so perhaps I may see you there! Am so happy I found Jyue Huey and the Makeup Room in time for my wedding! Hehe.

      May I ask how you found my blog in the first place?

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