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Going Hippie.

While visiting Rockstar by Soon Lee at Cathay Cineleisure yesterday, I tried on this Brixton hat in brown straw with navy ribbon. (This picture shows tan straw, though.)

I’m still two minds about whether I should get it. I figure it’d be a really cute mini-moon (i.e. mini honeymoon) hat… but then, I could probably buy cute straw hats for less than $10 in Chiang Mai. Ha.

And um, I really would like a pair of TOMS as well, in yellow or navy University canvas, if I may.

(To self : What’s up with the sudden influx of desire for straw and canvas?)

{Brixton Castor Hat in tan; TOMS shoes}


2 thoughts on “Going Hippie.

  1. theletterzee says:

    oh really? I never seem to find anything at Soon Lee. but at Rockstar, I want to buy so many things… the art prints, the TOMS, the loose shirts…

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