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The Way To My Heart? Definitely Through My Stomach.

For some reason, I’ve been really hungry quickly these few days. Perhaps the stress of wedding management is quickening my metabolism? Maybe? (sounding hopeful)

Ahuh. Well. I can only say my recent – and frequent – feasts on fried sin have got everything to do with a lack of self-control when tired/sad/stressed, and nothing to do with the expected rational behavior of someone who has to wear a – corsetted, mind you – wedding gown in a few weeks’ time.

So as a result of all that guilt, M and I decided to have a healthy dinner on Sunday night – sushi and sashimi at Akashi, our favourite sushi joint (other than Sushi Tei). It was a good dinner,  and you can tell because when M and I eat in a focused, determined silence, that’s always a good sign. I left the meal feeling belly-happy and fulfilled.

Slight issue though. I’m hungry again.

And I’m craving more of that good nigiri with cha soba from Akashi. Even though, during dinner earlier, I had already industriously swept my bento box clean of all its traces.

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