all together, with feeling now, photografii

The Last Weekend of 2009.

Salmon belly sushi.

Test shots in black and white.

Hanging out with, um, crazy people.

Getting a throbbing headache from the booming music and having to shout to be heard.

Receiving my ‘We Are Not Two, We Are One’ poster in a sad, squashed up condition.

Spotting cute little heart-shaped notes on lampposts.

Milkshakes and pies with my dearest Ritzy.

One silly-smelly-cranky little dog, called Spencer.

I woke up this morning, blinked, and realized it was the last day of 2009. This is it, 2010 is right round the corner! And in that moment I heaved a sigh of relief. 2009 has been quite the year… and I can’t wait for 2010 to hit me, in a good way.

Here’s to more positive exploits and adventures in 2010 involving me, my new husband and my trusty Lumix :)


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