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We’re 16 days away from the wedding, and the most frequently asked questions I get, are : 1) Are you excited? and 2) How is the planning going?

Most of the time, I ramble out an answer, because there is no one answer for these things… I am excited, but yet I am calm. I am calm because of all the joy I feel inside, and I am also excited ‘cos I think it’ll be a buzz of an event. I am mostly antsy, though – I get that way when I have things that have yet to be completed on my To-Do list.

As for how the planning’s going, this usually leaves me at a loss of words. The entire process of planning this event has been so sprawling and detail-ridden that I find it so hard to sum it up. It’s also been my “pet project” (and at times, not-so-pet) for the whole year, so I’m so “into it” it’s hard to see.

(I also not-so-secretly find it a little hard to think I will have to just ‘let go’ of it on the day itself, and entrust the supervision of the various details to others. Yes, control freak I am.)

Ah, anyway. I suppose we can safely say we’ll be as prepared as we’ll ever be, come wedding day. And what the heck, we’re getting married! And that is all that matters to me. :)

Oh, also…

I can’t wait for our new bed to be delivered! Another 10 days to blissful sleep, hopefully.

{RUM magazine, via emmas designblogg}


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