photografii, said tongue in chic

A sartorialist.

Wow. I love her whole look… this is truly comfortable chic. With a touch of fierceness (from her necklace). And what a peaches-and-cream complexion she’s got! Gorgeous girl :)

{image by Nicole Then of Cherry Magazine}


2 thoughts on “A sartorialist.

  1. Hi Z! It’s nabilah from vj/smu, found your blog via fb or smt (can’t remember alr, hehe). Anyways, guess what if i’m not wrong this is my friend pam’s sister! Pam from smu, if you know her. All the sisters have this amazingly lovely complexion!

    • theletterzee says:

      Hullo nab! Yeah I actually followed your FB post to the blog, so thank you for alerting me to it. And yes I do know Pam… goodness, the good skin genes sure runs in their family!!

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