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The Indigo Bunting.

I am loving the work of ridiculously talented Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting.

These are Jack & Jill letterpress invites she designed for Bella Figura.

She created this diorama for Esquire’s “Augmented Reality” December ’09 issue. So genius!

To quote her :

Each object is hand-cut from cardstock, folded and glued to a larger white board and photographed. The cloud and bird in the first image were dangling from clear string at the shoot. I thought it’d make sense to treat the table of contents in this way because the December magazine was our Augmented-Reality issue. I wanted the diorama to represent a very simplified version of what A/R does, in the sense that the images essentially pop out from the magazine page.

(This next one is going to shame all us uncreative gift-givers.)

Erin’s husband is a huge root-beer lover. So…

She bought him 24 different kinds of good root beer, placed them in a crate, and created a nice overview sheet describing each brew’s flavor/body, based on root-beer fanatics’ reviews that she gathered online. How sweet and ingenious!

(I have a long way to go to such awesome gift-giving, I’m afraid.)

{images courtesy of Erin Jang}


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