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Slow food.

2010 has been a much-needed breath of fresh air for me, in so many ways. I feel a sense of relief, a widening of view, and generally just hopeful of what the universe has to offer this year.

This Saturday reinforced that, what with the eating and family-togethering and laughing and drinking and celebrating we enjoyed, with my nephew’s 1st month party. (There goes the Wedding Dress diet… and self-restraint of any form.)

In that spirit of food and celebration, Nina Invorm‘s ceramics would make the perfect addition to my (imaginary apartment’s) breakfast table. I’m seeing a spread of OJ, milk, granola + yoghurt, omelettes with cheese and mushrooms and olives, and warm pots of tea, t0 celebrate leisurely weekends … Mmmmm. (Must be the 1am-hunger pangs speakin’.)

Bunting pitcher

Little dots and number pitcher

Small lovebird lidded mug or teapot

Folklore & fun breakfast set

{images from Ninainvorm on Etsy}


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