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Our engagement shoot, part II.

We went to the Queenstown Bowl for the casual outfit part of the shoot. Basically, the Queenstown Bowl is a now-derelict bowling alley with the coolest exterior – geometric shapes in faded pastels, peeling paint, rusty bars… Too bad we couldn’t go in. So we explored the surrounding area as well. Then finally, we headed to the huge grass plain at Old Holland Road for a few more shots … and a soda-can experiment that was prr-etty scary.

Yeah, we had fun. :)

{photos by The Peeping Thom}


4 thoughts on “Our engagement shoot, part II.

  1. I like the first two photos! So cute, you guys look like you were brisk walking or smt? Too bad you couldn’t go in though! Btw, congrats on your upcoming wedding! :)

  2. theletterzee says:

    Thanks Nab! Haha actually we were racing… I know right? It’d be so cool if we got to go in. But also probably creepy and really dusty. Haha :)

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