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Wedding nail colors!

This post on Notcouture led me think of my nail colors for the wedding…

(American Apparel’s launching their own nail color series.)

Since I’m wearing black peeptoe heels, I was contemplating using red on my toes. (But red fingernails – too much? Too dated? … Or can I go mismatched – pink on fingers, red on toes? What do you think?)

Then, I saw this photo of Anna Della Russo, editor of Vogue Nippon (centre of image) on The Sartorialist, and I thought her silver toe-nail polish is rather cute.

Or, I could go with boring soft pink for both fingers & toesies… Decisions, decisions!

{top image via If It’s Hip, It’s Here; bottom image by The Sartorialist}


4 thoughts on “Wedding nail colors!

  1. liz says:

    hello zee! thanks for the fb reminder – we’re so looking forward to it ((:

    anyway i say red, but that’s cos i’d say red every time anyway haha have fun getting ready! (:

    • theletterzee says:

      hey liz! nice to see you ’round these parts :) hehe. yay can’t wait to see you and neilly! and thanks for your suggestion… red is a great go-to color i have to say!

  2. red’s a tad overdone but so classic! i think pink’s very cool too. silver might be made inconspicuous by the expanse of white/cream on your dress. but definitely not mismatched!

    • theletterzee says:

      C! you just helped me sit on the fence!!! haha. but i suppose i’ll just have to make a snap decision at the nail salon.

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