Etsy finds

2 days away!

I love this liberty-print cotton bralette – it has a smocked back, and would be so fun for a summer beach holiday!

I had a decidedly better day today than I did yesterday, but of course, not without Motherly Drama. -ahem-

Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting me a manicure and pedicure (though I did miss you, Monny, my regular pedi-mate!), and I went for safe but lovely pale pink polish… and on my toes, I got glitter-dipped french tips to jazz it up a little! I love it, and can’t stop looking at the glitter twinkle in the light. I think it adds a bit of glamour to my otherwise plain feet ;)

Now, only not to smudge the polish before the wedding day!

{source : Hopeless on Etsy}


4 thoughts on “2 days away!

  1. cherylg says:

    all the best zeeee……you’ll make a beautiful, beautiful bride. things might be tough with the mothership but just remember to breathe and enjoy your special day yes? it’ll only happen once. good luck!
    looking forward to more photos. :)

  2. theletterzee says:

    cheryl > hello my dear, thank you so much… i will carry your words with me :) yes more photos will follow!!!

    joyce > aren’t they great? bust out your lipstick tomorrow evening? i can’t wait to see u in the morning. do you need a wake-up call? :P

    TPT > THANK YOU! your brilliant photos are sure to feature greatly in any compliments tomorrow, i’m sure of it ;)

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