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A day before.

We’re a few hours away, and yyyyeah, I’m blogging. (Can’t quite stay away!)

Marc sent me back home – my childhood home – this afternoon. My last day as a singleton, as people tell me. To be honest, it doesn’t feel quite like it… I’ve stopped being single for a long, long time, in status and in my heart.

As he took a nap in my bed, I sat on the floor and gazed at the sunlight streaming into my room, making the canary-yellow walls glow. It’s hard not to have a flood of memories rush back whenever I’m back home.

When he woke, we rehearsed our vows and went through tomorrow’s schedule with my folks. Once they were satisfied, and we’d had a collective excited moment, he got up to go. As he got into the car and drove off, a pang of adrenalin hit me in the gut. “This is it!” I thought, “we’re getting married tomorrow for real, tomorrow!!!!!”

Two hours later, listening to Kings of Convenience, pottering about the house, and having a quiet moment to myself is more therapeutic than I thought it would be.  My parents are out for dinner with my mum’s rellies, so I’ve been freed for a while.

I like my house like this. Quiet, breezy, with the sound of passing joggers along the park connector that stretches parallel to the estate.

My heart’s beating faster, in a joyful way.

It’s going to be a thrill of a day, I can feel it. Can you? :)


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