said tongue in chic

black reign.

I only ever visit Rumi’s blog once in a while because it fills me with such longing, I inevitably find myself wanting a piece of some new Weird And Wonderful (hardware/5-inch booties/vintage fur coat/fierce jewellry/worn-out tee) that she’s bought. Case in point – this Jas MB clutch she picked up. It reminds me of the body scarification done in some cultures to create keloids… except, of course, these are studs under leather, and cause you way, way less physical pain.

Thankfully, my bag craving has been assuaged by the thought that I have 2 new bag-babies waiting for me to break out – a black Balenciaga City, and a camel-colored fake-leather foldover clutch with rows of tiny metal skulls grommeted on the front.

Looks like it’ll be some deathly-looking bags for me this Chinese New Year! (…If I can get away with it.)

{source : fashiontoast}


4 thoughts on “black reign.

  1. The Balenciaga City is one of those bags I wish I could pull off… be more rock and roll. Okay actually, I’m not sure if it’s the City I even like. I just know I like the small black one Nicole Richie carried many years ago *shy face*

    Are you going visiting on a Harley for CNY? Your bags could use the Vvroom-vroom :D

    About the Fjallraven Kanken bag, I bought it from this site, Red Square Clothing (, cos they had a mega sale. But seems like they aren’t carrying many colours at the mo’. There this other site solely selling Kankens and they have almost all the colours:

    Have fun!

    • theletterzee says:

      Melly, nothin’ to be shy about girl! I think that small one is called the “First”. Now, I am by no means a Small-Bag girl. So I also wish I could carry that baby off! Ha. Can never go out without all my barang! Auntie that I am.

      HAHA your thingie about the harley made me laugh. Unfortunately, it’ll probably be in a boring sedan.

      Thanks for letting me know about ze Fjallraven bag! <3

  2. the city is gorgeous! i love the smokey midnight hue. i’ve been wanting to get my hands on a balenciaga for the longest time but it will take me more than a long time for that!

    • theletterzee says:

      Yes yes i think that one’s Ink… I am in love with it too! But the Singapore boutique stocks limited colors, plus Ink is past season.

      When you finally do get your hands on one, it’ll be so worth the wait… I promise xx

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