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A home for two.

Yesterday, M and I got ourselves a flat! Woop :)

It’s going to be available in 2 years, which is a good amount of time for us to save up so we can do it up real nice and cosy. Finally! A home for all our cups and knick-knacks that we’ve bought for that imaginary apartment that we didn’t yet have.

I have a feeling we’ll be visiting Lorgan’s quite a bit in the meantime ;)

p.s. Love the round mirror in the photo – it reminds me of a porthole.

{source : A Cup of Jo}


5 thoughts on “A home for two.

  1. theletterzee says:

    thanks c! we don’t know the exact date of collection yet, so it’s still a toss-up :) nonetheless, something great to look forward to!

  2. whoo! I love the idea of a place that is truly your own, that you can do up however you wish! (and casually ignore the fact that you’ll have to pay for everything too) The phones in your post above are so awesome! However, I do have a soft spot for the hamburger phone. Hehe.

  3. theletterzee says:

    hey Nabs! yes exactly, you gotta casually ignore the bit about paying for all your own household groceries & utilities etc and having to iron and mop and wash all on your lonesome (plus spouse). HA.

    i want all the phones, especially the pay phone! but i’d gladly settle for a swing-dial phone if i can find one. so bloody impractical though! (slow to dial)

    ah yes, the hamburger phone is a classic cutie.

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