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Afternoon tea at The Chedi.

On, I’d read about the wonderful afternoon tea that The Chedi’s Restaurant offered, and I made it a point to try it on our trip :) The afternoon tea cost THB400 for one person, THB700 for two. In the end, we ordered 1 set and shared it, while Marc had an additional order of ice cream.

Pretty china makes good food look even better.

Marc’s ice cream served in a glass ice-bath! Fancy.

The blank sprinkles are vanilla bean bits! We ordered praline and vanilla.

And here we have it – the sweet, scones, and savory tiers! I love the tiered serving tray.

For sweets, we have…

(L-R) Profiterole, Passionfruit macaron, blueberry macaron, The Chedi fruit cake, chocolate sacher torte, vanilla creme patiserre with mango

Valrhona chocolate pot – decadent and more-ish. This is also part of the ‘Sweet’ section.

The pretty blueberry macaron was really delish!

The texture was perfect (at least, to me) – a good amount of stickiness, and a bit of crunch. SO GOOD.

The 2nd tier was the scones – plain and raisin scones, lemon curd, butter, and jam.

The scones were crumbly and buttery-salty… mmmm. Good on their own, even better with butter.

The final tier – the savory section.

(L-R) Cucumber & egg soft bread bun, spring chicken & confit duck pie, ham & cheese soft bread bun, smoked salmon & rocket pesto finger sandwich

The savory section was so good, I devoured it before I could take any close-ups of each.

Overall, the food was mostly as good as it looked :) Only the Chedi fruit cake and the lone raisin scone was left over. We polished off everything else (and skipped dinner… for supper). And till today, I still dream of that blueberry macaron! Mmmm.


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