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Home phones.

One of the fun things about getting your own place is the chance to get your own home phone (and land-line)! I’d love to outfit our living room / bedroom with something wacky and retro, like one of those spin-dial models – I love hearing the dial rewind back to its original position.

Failing that, there’s this Doughnut Phone from Pottery Barn Teen… I can hear Marc pleading to get the one in green (his fave color), already.

That, or this polka-dot Dottie Cordless Phone, maybe? An old-style look without compromising on mobility.

And this Crosley Pay Phone from Urban Outfitters … how awesome! I want the black one. (You don’t need a coin to make a call, thankfully.)

No hamburger phones a-la Juno for me, though. :)

{source : PB Teen, Newbury Comics}


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