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I can spend hours looking at real homes on blogs like decor8 and Bloesem – they’re so inspirational and it’s also deliciously voyeuristic to see how other people live.

Especially, I love looking at the knick-knacks.

They sort of tell a story of where this person’s been, what they like, what they treasure…

kind of a microcosm of someone, in a way.

All that marvellous clutter!

Plus, it’s just fun to wonder where he or she could’ve gotten that marvellous item or two…

{sources : Bloesem, decor8, Supermarket Sarah}


2 thoughts on “Knick-knacks.

  1. theletterzee says:

    Trust me, I wish it was me! But more often than not, my attempts turn out more haphazard than anything. Well, more space to practice would help, I think. Can’t wait to practice, practice, practice in the new place! Ha!

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