Married in Paris.

I fell in love with this wedding ceremony of Australian couple, Belinda and Peter, in the City of Love. It was held in a Parisian restaurant where the couple had dined enjoyably in several years before. I love the idea of getting married in a little French or Italian restaurant… so cosy and, most importantly, near good food!

A heartfelt, meaningful, intimate ceremony. A chic black dress, chignon, and vintage hair piece.


See more details of this beautiful wedding here.

{source : perfect bound, One & Only Paris Photog.}


8 thoughts on “Married in Paris.

    • theletterzee says:

      Yes, love the chic short black dress idea. So classy. Well SJP got married in black! But I read that she regretted that deeply. Ha :)

      Personally, I liked wearing an ivory gown since it’s usually a color that’s avoided except on a woman’s own wedding day.

    • theletterzee says:

      Yeah! That chignon, oh.

      It’s sweet you asked, Jessie! :) Well I hope to get the photos from my wedding photographer real soon… hopefully they’ll be in my paws by end of Feb!

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