all together, with feeling now

“So, how’s married life?”

That must be the most common question I get these days from acquaintances and friends alike. It’s one of those questions that have you searching your mind for an articulate answer, because… well, it’s not like we crossed over the Berlin Wall or something. (When it was still intact and in use, ahem.) We just committed to spending the rest of our lives together, that’s all. A feeling we’ve had for awhile, but just recently cemented and officiated.

I mean, it’s great to be married, to say I’m married, to have a life partner, a husband. It’s peaceful, and very calming. But our routine, or our lifestyle, is the same life we’ve been sharing for a while now, ever since we cohabited, and then when we got engaged.

But of course I know people are asking out of excitement and love for us, and curiosity. It’s just not one of the easiest questions to answer! (Right up there with, “How’s wedding planning?” and “Where’s Osama Bin Laden?”)


For some reason, this past week has seen me post quite a lot… it seems when it rains, it pours! Once I started blog-surfing more, I found more and more inspiration that I just had to share. And so I did! I hope you liked the posts.

This week is M’s busy week, so I’ve not seen him a whole lot other than a) in the morning, when I’m shit tired, with one eye open and my brain screaming for sleep, and b) at night, when we’re both shit tired. But I must say I’ve been enjoying reclaiming my life again. What I mean is, the wedding took up a huge chunk of my (our) time and mental energy. It was the one big thing that we planned for pretty much all of 2009, and weekend after weekend there was always something wedding-y to do/buy/see. And while this was happening, we’d begun to miss our coffee runs to Starbucks and spontaneous little trips to wherever.

I’m looking forward to March, when we’ll have more free time on our hands, and when we’ll also be celebrating 5 years together. Woot! Just typing that makes me want to smile. I’m proud, of us. :)

Oh, and I’ve just started reading this book, having picked it up last night when I was out with Monny :

It’s about Elizabeth Gilbert’s struggle with the concept of legal marriage (survivor of bad divorce. ‘Nuff said), and the explorations and research it led her to, in the process of finding some answers for herself. Timely reading for a newlywed, I think! Since I do have marriage on the mind.

ps.  Alexander McQueen was brilliant. Brilliant, “searingly original” (to quote this) talent – that’s unarguable. His death is a huge loss from the world of art, for that is what he created again and again and again. Rest in peace.


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