all together, with feeling now

of bravery and cowardice.

It’s a bit surreal and a lot weird, but leaving your job does feel like a bad breakup sometimes.

I’m taking a small (or big? Who knows, till you get there) step forward into the scary and exciting unknown, and while I’m freaked out about leaving the comfort zone, and there are really no guarantees where I’m headed will be all it’s made out to be, but I’d like to think… this will be worth it. Just wait and see.

Till then, I’m keeping this Anais Nin quote close to my heart.

{source : blackeiffel}


2 thoughts on “of bravery and cowardice.

  1. my fingers are crossed for you, wherever you’ll end up! send me an email or a little somethingsomething on your new plans? xx

    p/s: love anais nin, although she does get me a little standoffish at times

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