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I’m generally quite averse to temperature extremes, because hot = sweaty = eczema flare-up, cold = thick, wrapped up clothing + dehydrated heater-dried skin = eczema flare up.

In particular, I really don’t like being cold. And thanks to Singapore’s uber-efficient air-conditioning systems, I am almost always brrr indoors. So I always have a cardigan in my bag. Cardigans are the only jackets I wear, because I can’t tolerate synthetics or synthetic-lined outerwear like blazers – nothing drives my eczema more mad than heat-trapping, unbreathable fabrics.

So, I went a little cotton-cardigan-crazy in my last ASOS order… Yyyyeah, I kinda bought three.

How could I resist the details? That multi-color fleck pattern, that jagged red and navy stripe, and those two-by-two rivets… oh!

Yay, new cardis for a new job :) I’m hoping the last one with rivets will carry me through client meetings, while the other two are great for normal days.

{source : ASOS}


7 thoughts on “Cardigans.

    • theletterzee says:

      You should get it, melly! The GBP is I think, 2.1 to SGD? (Of course credit cards charge a tad more but it’s still a good rate)

      So sorry, somehow your comment ended up in the spam queue :( I’m not sure why, either. But I’ve rescued it from there now! :D

  1. theletterzee says:

    Yeah the sleeeeeeves. Oh, I can’t wait to have my ASOS box! p.s. I thought you were supposed to be sleeping by now, ma’am!

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