design love, said tongue in chic, this could be anything

for your perusal:

Le Whif is a puffable chocolate ‘inhaler’ that deposits a tiny, but power-packed, amount of chocolate in your mouth and tongue. They also have a “Le Whif Coffee”, that’s to be released next month. Check out the ‘road test’ review for the Le Whif Chocolate, here.

A gorgeous vintage YSL necklace – so regal!

This movie, City of Life, is supposedly the “first movie financed, directed, and produced by Emiratis”. It documents the struggles of different lives – the Immigrant, the Rich Man’s Son, the Trophy Wife-to-be – in Dubai, the land of abundance and in-your-face extravagance. Mmmm I love me some good drama and identity conflict. Trailer looks really promising! I hope it makes it to Singapore.

{sources : ChezVous, Le Whif, Tidbit du Jour}


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