design love

sound anticipation.

I’m so tempted to get a pair of UrbanEars.

I’ve been oscillating between the red, ocean (turquoise), pink, yellow, light blue, army green, and grey — 7 out of the 14 colors available. Which is to say : I’m freakin’ indecisive.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that while all these headphones look lovely as one big color-porn smorgasbord, having just one color would most certainly lead to cognitive dissonance upon purchase.

Which means you can’t just have one of these babies.

Oh, and then there are two models to choose from – the Tanto (skinny, airplane-headphones-esque – but flimsy?) and the Plattan (big, snug, comfortably isolating from the rest of the world – but too isolating for work?).

One last teeny detail – coming up with a rational reason for buying US$40-60 headphones to replace iPod buds that are still functioning fine.


{source : Refinery29}


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