this could be anything

half-brained notes on a Tuesday.

Take a fitful night of sleep – lots of waking and discomfort and sneezing. Then, add a nose that won’t stop running and a breathless, bronchitis cough. Plus, the possibility that I may actually run out of tissue paper.

Yeah, it’s been a pretty shitty start to the day.

Thanks to my oxygen-depraved brain, I’m not feeling like talking much, so I’ll just share some stuff that caught my eye today :

The mesmerising Cali light.

Fried catfish. Mmmm. Give me, now!!

Vignetted fierceness. I like.

A lovely, inviting bed. It’s calling my name, I swear.

Actually, I think I’ll just crawl into the next bed I see.

p.s. Random, I know, but I had to add – MAC Blot Powder is an absolute life-saver for post-sunblock shine. (By afternoon, my forehead is an oil slick.)


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