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Continentale, Florence.

It’s always nice to dream about a vacation in Italy, and I’ve heard so many good things from M about Florence, which he visited some years ago.

Now, if only we could afford to stay at this “bright and witty” hotel, a breath of fresh air from Florence’s usual gilt-edge and palazzo-style rooms.

From the Mr. & Mrs. Smith website :

“With its sleek minimalist design, the Continentale is the very antithesis of the classic Florentine Room with a View-style pensiones, and it’s a huge hit with those searching for a contemporary vibe. It almost sits right on the famous Ponte Vecchio, and is within a few minutes’ walk from, well, everywhere. The sleek receptionists are clad in black suits; black and white fashion photographs line the walls; classic European films run on a loop on a giant plasma screen in the foyer.”


Those large windows… those ruffled sheets… the wide, inviting sofa.

Abundant curtains soften the look of this clean-lined room.

Oh, and I LOVE the view out of this bathroom! So contemporary and modern inside, and then you look out and you’re surrounded by history.

{source : Mr. & Mrs. Smith}


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