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A rockin’ Swedish wedding party.

So I kind of stopped posting about weddings for awhile. But I couldn’t not post about this one – Isabelle and her husband (and cute little bub!) had a party in their own home to celebrate their marriage, and from the photos, it looked like a totally rad time.

First of all, this is the note they pasted in their apartment building elevator, to let the neighbors know.

And isn’t it awesome that the bride herself is taking photos of her friends? And that they rented professional lighting for their entryway photobooth?

They dined on sushi and vietnamese spring rolls in the cutest styrofoam takeaway boxes, and then had cupcakes and chocolate for dessert. Isabelle said that she decided on takeaway boxes because there was no way they’d fit servers and fancy food into their little apartment with 38 guests. ‘sides, it was much more affordable this way.

Then after dinner, friends took over the music – some brought CDs, some plugged in their iPods… and yet others took the DJ idea very seriously.

AND THEY HAD KARAOKE! For those who were tired of dancing.

Such a kooky, personal and fun celebration! Just, wow.

{source : dosfamily}


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