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Yaaa, if you haven’t yet figured out, prints are to me what high heels are to some women. Can’t never get enough.

These are some that tickle my inner lemming…

Citizen Scholar Inc. makes this cute many-mouthed and eyed poster.

I Scream print by Crispin Finn.

Awww. Is that called love, or just lost (lust) in translation?

You + Me = Awesome. Totally.

I’d frame up each of these Mr. Fluff postcards and place them in a row, near the main door or in the kitchen! They make me smile.

I really want this Mozart Crying print – it’s kind of like life, isn’t it? Happy and sad at the same time.

Teehee! I’d place this in the guest toilet. And, um, move it to the master bedroom toilet (or tuck it in the back of some wardrobe!) when my folks visit. Haha.

Aaaand, this is for my dear M. Whose poker nickname is “Jellyfish”. Don’t ask.

A beautiful, girly poster of California’s blooming trees.

Another good bathroom print, to be placed right in front of the potty, for some philosophical ponderation ‘during’. (Black and white toilet!) (Is that even a word, ponderation?)

This (banana:enjoy) print is so joyful and cute.

This would be nice above the bed!


{sources : shopA, laurageorge, Crispin Finn & 00one on Supermarket}


5 thoughts on “Prints.

    • theletterzee says:

      hi darling! hope london’s lots of fun. i fb-ed you about whether you could help me bring something back from londontown, but guess you didn’t see it? :)

      haha as for the prints, the banana one is so cute right?! there is also one for how to cook noodles. -heart-

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