all together, with feeling now

That glorious black hole.

For awhile, I’ve been feeling frustrated with the monotony of weekdays after work. Our routine : dinner – TV – TV – TV – bed.

TV is, quite simply, addictive. To digest our dinners, (and because we’re simply too tired to do anything but sit) we sit down to watch TV . Hours later, program after program, it would take massive willpower to haul ourselves into the room to wash up for bed. And as I collapsed onto my pillow, it would feel like we did nothing meaningful, like we wasted our time that night.

It kind of just happened, but yesterday night, we went without the TV. Instead, after dinner, I took a walk with my sis in law and her husband (and baby!) to Cold Storage. It was a nice and unhurried trip. Then, M came home and while he ate his dinner, we discussed our apartment decor ideas while flipping through this month’s Home & Decor magazine. We had a nice hour or so of lazing about on the bed, in the quietness of our room, reading and using the laptop and just talking.

In short – it felt like we did so many things in the span of one night, and it felt good. Throughout the night, I would occasionally glance to the time, thinking, wow! It’s still so early :)

Now, we’re seriously considering keeping up this routine of watching TV only 3 times a week – 2 weekdays, 1 weekend. It’s no hard and fast rule, but I do hope we end up doing it.

And perhaps, in our new place, we may even experiment with not hooking up the TV for the first couple of months. Ha! Maybe.

{source : weheartit}


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