design love

unleashing the inner child.

I want to buy this book for my nephew! Or, for my own keeps.

And please check out this site Tada’s Revolution – it’s the cutest thing I’ve come across in a while.

Nutfield the squirrel, who has a plan for world domination.

Woofgang the hungry dog. (And his master, watching him eat.)

Mr. Peanut at a tollway, getting flea-ced by Flea. Ha!

Happy weekend, y’all!

{sources : inchmark, Tada’s Revolution}


4 thoughts on “unleashing the inner child.

  1. bao says:

    hello, i just wanted to say i love reading your blog! stumbled upon a few mths ago through links, but i procrastinated in saying hi. you have a great eye for design and write really well :)

    i think we were from the same sec school too (you’re in batch before mine). u (and your twin) look familiar :)

    • theletterzee says:

      hi there bao! aww, thanks so much :) and thanks for finally saying hi, it’s always lovely to hear from people who stop by. oh yeah? what CCA were you from? :)

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