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Like it was 2006, part deux.

It’s funny how over the years, memories become so faded, they’re almost like someone else’s experience you read about in an article somewhere. I suppose that’s why I am sharing these photos – to remind myself that I was once brave enough to travel for 10 hours on various buses, trains and planes alone to get to a foreign city just so I could give M a big hug and remember what it was like to hold his hand again. And that yes, I actually got to take in all this beauty.

These are from our Prague & Budapest trip. Highlights : spinach tortellini soup at the cafe opposite the old clock, taking in the beautiful architecture, cheap and good pizza, the gleaming wet cobblestone streets, crossing the Charles Bridge at dusk, jumping into the public hot-springs pool in 6-degree celsius weather in rented bathing suits.

The old clock in the town square, with the various moving parts – and the skeleton that jigs at the strike on the hour. A bit macabre, but so beautiful.

As my flickr caption put it – “Unspeakably comforting. 2.10 EUR.” I still dream of this bowl of soup till this day, by the way.

St. Vitus Cathedral.

At the Old Royal Palace.

Charles Bridge, at dusk.

An overnight train ride to Budapest.

You order ice cream and you get… an oversized cone, or too little ice cream, depending how you see it.

At the famous Szechenyi gyogifurdo, the largest in Budapest and popular with locals. (We were the only Chinese there, that I remember.) We had to run out in our bathing suits, in 6-degree-celsius weather, and jump into the hot pool!


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