comfort food*, photografii

March, in pictures.

Chun Kee fish hor fun – one of my favourite comfort foods. Best with sliced chilli and soya sauce.

A cup of sweet milk tea (‘teh’) always makes things a little better.

Aesop’s serums look all medicinal, but feel like a luxury … plus, they smell amazing.

Watching Sixx rock out at Orchard Road. It was hot and sticky, but nonetheless so worth it to witness some awesome local talent.

Post-gig. Taking the elevator at Ngee Ann City.

Exploring Chip Bee on a Sunday afternoon. Isn’t the ‘wedding night’ concept for the cake so cute ‘n cheeky? (From Da Paolo Dolci.)

Bunalun products looked like they belonged in a beautiful kitchen.

Check out kitty kat! Wouldn’t stop staring till I moved away.

Ice-cold beers and pizzas make the best Sunday evenings.

On my last day of work at the previous place. The light was gorgeous.

My gifts from ex-colleagues. So sweet :)

Waiting for M at Marmalade Pantry, to celebrate my last day.

Wild mushroom risotto. All I can say is, mmm.

Avocado caesar salad with poached egg.

The most comfortable jersey grey shorts in the world, and new Zara heels that aren’t too bad on the comfy charts either. Yay :)

Rainy days are good for fish soup.

Especially ones in old coffee shops…

… with cute resident kitties.

One thing’s for sure, we definitely ate well in March.


5 thoughts on “March, in pictures.

    • theletterzee says:

      aww nab, i’m glad you love ’em! and what a ROAR your MOARR was!


      i will try to post somemore, maybe when i get more shots this week :)

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