pretty things, said tongue in chic

Mulberry Alexa.

Despite how impractical this bag is to me, (can’t sling short strap on shoulder, got to unlock and then unbuckle)… I really want it.

Alright, off to a wedding dinner. Have a great Friday evening, my dears!

{source : Jak & Jil}


2 thoughts on “Mulberry Alexa.

  1. I’m so lusting after one as well! But with a “pretty” price tag of SGD 1K+ just for the small version, I don’t think I will take the plunge. Not so much of sour grapes, but somehow since this bag has been so widely lauded and recognized, I have a feeling that it will lose its cult status after some time, like those IT bags. Plus copies will be aplenty everywhere….eee.

    • theletterzee says:

      Well nowadays most ‘cult’ bags have copycats everywhere, hehe. That’s kind of hard to avoid. If I could, I’d go get me a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel… think that was what really started the satchel craze. But yeah, while the Mulberry is a more affordable take on PS1, it’s still pricey :(

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