comfort food*, photografii

March Leftovers.

More pictures from March left over, but not in any way unwanted or unloved.

Spencer getting a suntan in the backyard.

Jessie’s mocha walnut sponge cake – that to her, was epic fail (not fluffy enough, she said), but to us was heaven on a plate.

Jessie also makes a mean latte with her Nespresso machine – complete with fancy foam top.

Beef stew, that I sadly could not eat because of the oyster sauce added.

Here we are, ready to tuck in – you can see M’s carbonara and lamp chop with rosemary on my plate. It was yum!

I loved the cascade of little stars in Jessie’s dining room drop-crystal lamp.

Our weekend stay at the Conrad… in short, just what we needed.

They gave us 4 bears in total (the wedding bears you see below, and the cute singlet-ed bear above in 2 sizes).

Hi, Kyle! My darling nephew (and my sis-in-law) came along when we checked in.

Sussing out the cute-competition. Don’t worry baby, you win!

The view out our window.

The bathroom! Huge.

Tea and company.

A convenient hand-rest, apparently.

A handsome, happy uncle.

The gorgeous view from the Executive Lounge. (… My first time. It was awesome – free food and champagne! Thanks to well-travelled rellies.)

Discovering a new-found appreciation for bonsai.

And one of the best parts of hotel stays … the breakfast buffet. YES.

As I said in my March post, yeah, we ate well alright. (pats tummy)


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