all together, with feeling now, comfort food*

I’m pooped.

I had a great, productive week at work. And I’m liking a lot the feeling of liking being at work. It’s a new feeling to me!

Sorry I’m not coherent – my eyes feel more like clumps of wet cotton wool and my body is aching for rest and a good rubdown.

So tonight, I rewarded my cross-eyed self with a bowl of Yoshimaru ramen and two new reads from the awesome magazine stand at Holland Village – fresh issues of Frankie and Fast Company.


Game night tomorrow, hanging with the sis and family dinner at Tung Lok on Saturday, and brunch and bowl on Sunday.

Let it be a great weekend for us all!

ps. Sorry about the ‘disappearing’ wedding photos – you may have seen that I tried to post them up this afternoon, but after changing the file names on flickr, all the links migrated and hence the ugly “photo unavailable” placeholders instead :( I’ve deleted the ’empty’ posts, will post up new ones soon.

(collapses into bed)

{by camemberu}


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