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a loyalist’s nightmare : discontinued makeup.

I’m kind of a makeup loyalist. In my makeup bag, I have all of 5 items – L’Oreal True Match concealer, MAC blot powder in medium, tweezer, Paula Dorf cream blush and Fasio eyebrow pencil.

Of these, I’ve used the same shade and brand of eyebrow pencil for almost 10 years, and blush for 5 years now. The blot powder was a recent discovery, while the concealer has been my go-to for about a year.

This weekend, when I attempted to stock up on my eyebrow pencil, it was nowhere to be found. At Watsons, the salesgirl told me that Fasio was no longer carrying that color (Dark Brown) because grey was apparently the current craze in Japan.

Me to salesgirl (sputtering) : “I’ve used it for 10 years! And now they’re not stocking it?!”

Salesgirl gently smiles, and suggests the grey shade instead.

Me to Marc : “I feel giddy.”

Those 4 makeup items in my bag are my essentials – without any one of them on, it’s like stepping out of the house naked.

No eyebrows? Or worse, grey, black or reddish-brown eyebrows?

You understand my giddiness.

So with stubby whatever’s-left-of Fasio eyebrow pencil in hand, I went to Sasa determined to find a replacement.

Thank goodness i-nuovi makes a similar gray-brown shade called Cocoa. Now to hoard 10 of these, in case they decide to discontinue this too!


2 thoughts on “a loyalist’s nightmare : discontinued makeup.

  1. Grey eyebrows… kinda weird but I’ve never seen it in action before so imagining it in my head, looks scary. Phew that you managed to find an alternative!

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