all together, with feeling now

Don’t you hate the weekends when you don’t sleep well? I’m quite sick of the bad, tiring dreams occuring every night… I’m not even sure why. Tired as I am, weekend was pretty good considering I scored two dresses (a vintage Egyptian-print one and a tie-dye-ish cotton one), caught The Blind Side (and cried! So sweet!), and had lots of soup (including our Broccoli+gruyere attempt – not bad).

Oriole tonight with my dearest ex-ex-colleagues… I just need to make it through the day. And then, cod fish pie and a latte! Yes.


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    • theletterzee says:

      yeah it’s quite deelish!

      i went to ippudo last friday, the queue was 40 minutes’ long, and it wasn’t all that grand for S$19 a bowl (including egg, which cost $2 extra and wasn’t even the right consistency – fail). why not we try Santouka or the ramen place at Parco Millenia Walk instead, hun? :) but if you really want to, i don’t mind having Ippudo since i can almost never say no to a bowl of ramen… :)

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