all together, with feeling now, comfort food*

sometimes you sink before you swim

It’s 11.51pm and drizzling, and I’m a little more awake than I should be.

It’s been a bit quiet here cos our clackety Sony Vaio has been sent for repair, and also things have been intense and there has simply been no spare time leftover to come ’round and say hi… But finally, a spare moment!

Our spaghetti carbonara experiment finally paid off tonight after the umpteenth attempt to make a decent-consistency sauce. That being a smooth, slippery coating of the pasta that isn’t clumpy or scrambled-egg-like (the awesome flourish of raw-egg-atop-just-cooked-carbonara – if too hot, the egg scrambles).

We didn’t take photos, but the consistency was somewhat like this delectable tagliatelle carbonara’s…


We had ours simple : no bacon, Italian seasoning, dried parsley, lots of garlic, cracked black pepper and sea salt, plus the all-important Bulla cream.

Then, chocolate Haagen Daaz to celebrate.

Aah yes, full and happy and tired.

How was your Tuesday evening? Three more days to the weekend, we are!

{ on flickr}


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