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What adorable handwriting!

… The squished schedules remind me of how I feel right now – kind of scribbled-over and all over the place and kind of lost. I don’t really know why, perhaps it’s just my usual tiredness-depression that I tend to get.

Oh wells.

Hopefully Gunther’s tomorrow with my darlings M and Y, and collecting my vintage dress from the tailors’, will be the perk I need!

{illustration by James Victore, via NYTimes}


4 thoughts on “scrawl.

    • theletterzee says:

      indeed babe! you predicted right :) i’m just exhausted is all…. oh really? chicken dish? i had some veggie tart and consomme with foie gras ravioli altho i think we were most impressed by the cold angel hair pasta + caviar :D

    • theletterzee says:

      thanks jessie, yup gunther’s with my 2 of my closest friends was a definite mood-lifter. i hope you had a great saturday too :)

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