all together, with feeling now, photografii

Nerd herd.

The weekend is over, and i’m wishing we had a day or two more… Just so i can completely recover from last week.

It was a good Sunday – adventures included : finding the perfect shade of nude polish (Barefoot in Barcelona!), collecting my vintage dress from the tailors’ (so expensive but the quality of handiwork is worth it), and trying Itacho sushi at Ion (disappointing).

By the way, the iPhone? I’m just loving it! As much as it’s gotten so common, it’s truly such a wonderful, delightful tool to have. And I never thought I had it in me to be a techie, in any varying degree.

May this be the week i get my work-mojo back :) if you are feeling the same, may it be for you too!


6 thoughts on “Nerd herd.

  1. oh dear i was thinking of checking out itacho too. guess i’ll never go wrong with good ol’ sun with moon.

    random but i just noticed we both have this category for piccas we take – but we never do spell it quite right. fotografik and photografi. how yuppie are we! lol

  2. theletterzee says:

    yeah it veers closer to Sakae-sushi quality than really good sushi, so :(

    yes yes. haha. well i like my ‘photografii’ with 2 i’s! heh.

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