Some of the things that make me smile.


4 thoughts on “Some of the things that make me smile.

  1. Haha M will be happy to hear that :) And yes to the ruler! It makes me happy at work :)

    Poor thing you!!! Stop scratching, you gotta break the cycle babe. I seriously hope your skin gets better pronto, and puts you out of your itchy-scratchy ick.

    • i’m trying really hard to stop scratching!! short of wearing jeans to bed :(

      haha funny story. i remember M was one of the TAs in my LTB class, and i guess we had a pretty drab pack of TAs so a couple of my girl classmates exclaimed when they saw M for the first time, “eh eh that TA not bad. only eye candy in class, so sadddd” HAHA!

      • theletterzee says:

        Oh dear, don’t wear jeans! In fact, avoid tight-fitting clothing… it makes the itching worse, at least that’s my experience…

        Omg that’s hilarious! Haha thanks for recounting the story babe… those good ol’ freshmen days.

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