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Spruce, II.

More photos from our Sunday jaunt at Spruce.

Yeahh… we devoured this one. Creamy, with chives on top = perfection in a warm dish.

Breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, tomato, lettuce, avocado (this was the deal-maker) and bacon. Came with a side of roasted potatoes that were simply too much to finish.

M’s burger (I forget the name). The wedges were awesome… and his burger as well.

Cinammon roll was very sweet and sticky but so good.

Yyyyyum. These photos bring back good memories… especially while it’s raining out.

I’ll be back, Spruce.


4 thoughts on “Spruce, II.

  1. wow was this some feast or what?? i went to spruce with the girls once before i left for london, and still had to order their English breakfast and french tost. delishhhh!

  2. theletterzee says:

    yeah we kind of… over-ordered. haha. this is what happens when you make 2 hungry people wait for 45 minutes.

    mmmm i’m thinking of the silky scrambled eggs right now (which I’m guessing you got in your English breakfast as well?)

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