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Such a cute little rack – it makes me want to go swimming … preferably in the river that meanders past my little summer cottage somewhere in the Mediterranean.

It’s been a draining couple of days somehow, I’m in need of some recuperation! Why do I have a sneaking feeling the weekend will quickly blend into the following week? Thinking of the number of dinner appointments I have in my diary for next week, I feel tired already.

What’s up for the weekend, guys?

{at west end / notcot}


6 thoughts on “splash!

  1. I have work + an exhibition opening tomorrow and Animal Farm on Sunday with my girlfriends! Hope you’re gonna have a good weekend too! Thanks for your email, it made my Friday even better :)

  2. zee says:

    Ooh, enjoy Animal Farm! I’m sure it will be a brilliant show given the cast.

    Aww Nabs, your email did too :)

  3. monicaterry says:

    olas bebe. i’ve been so out of touch and suddenly you have so many new blog entries!!! love the spruce photos, where is it? (not that i have any hubby to go with for sunday brunch hur hur)

    • zee says:

      Well I’ve missed you in these parts, dear! Spruce is at Phoenix Park, around the Redhill area. You don’t need a hubby, we just need a car and we can go :)

  4. I’m glad for this weekend, since I’m given Monday off in lieu. Has been a totally relaxing one, at a lovely slow pace and one that I can breathe easy. Spent some time trying out my new oven and new recipes. If only EVERY weekend is like that!!

    • theletterzee says:

      Yes, if only every weekend were that relaxed and lovely! I feel just the way you do about this. :)

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