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Some photos from the past week and weekend…

I finally got my Saipua soap! I chose Rooibos, in the end :)

Check out my nephew’s sneakers! Smart lil’ guy.

Brunch at Oriole on Sunday.

It was a relaxing weekend. Saturday was sleeping in, getting a haircut, and spending time with M’s family. Sunday was brunch, nap, and family time (this time with my folks). Simple does it, eh! :)

Tonight, 2 of my closest girlfriends and I are headed to Chin Chin at Purvis Street for some (hopefully) delicious chicken rice. One of them’s heading to Hong Kong to work for a couple of years – even though I’ve known for some time, I can hardly believe it’s actually going to happen this week :(


2 thoughts on “Love.

  1. zee says:

    Oh, um haha I won’t be using it I think! I got it to fragrance my drawers… :P But I may just use it for washing hands… and if I do, promise I’ll update on it :)

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