photografii, this could be anything

Forsaken few.

Even more forsaken photos, uploaded and forgotten! But don’t worry photos, I still love you so.

Look at this… What’s not to love?!

A beautiful vintage dress I couldn’t buy (it was S$100). I’m not a fan of red, but this shade was lovely, and the dress had pleats, and, and…

Playing some ethics game at the Wu’s house.

Love the doors!

1, 2, 3.

Yigloo! :)


2 thoughts on “Forsaken few.

    • theletterzee says:

      well I couldn’t really justify paying that much for a vintage dress, knowing it probably cost the shop only US$5-10 to thrift in the US or wherever… heh heh. when i left i told myself, time to go thrift shopping soon!

      Anway the shop is called Victoria Jomo, methinks… The 2nd floor is full of beautiful vintage finds.

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