photografii, said tongue in chic

Oh, Diane.

Two sides of the same amazingly beautiful, achingly cool, lithe as hell, belle known as Diane Kruger. And she does her own hair, makeup and styling.

All I can say is – wow.

{ garance dore }


4 thoughts on “Oh, Diane.

  1. No way, she does her own makeup and hair?! Dammit, she’s so ballsy! She’s one of the few actors out there who always sports a great hairdo, be it tied up, in a bun or let down. And sob, she’s got Joshua Jackson on her arm too.

  2. theletterzee says:

    well that’s what garance dore (who took these, and who played croquet with her too!) said…

    sigh, when you look at people like her… it’s easy to see Life’s not fair :)

  3. Jan says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in the first pic. Yeah, life is so unfair!! But hey, it’s Friday now, life’s not tooooo bad. :o)

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