all together, with feeling now

well, well, well.

I’ve been in need of a boost these couple of days, it’s no fun feeling ick.

So, tonight, we’re off to Osvaldo’s for a little date night – also to celebrate that we’ve been together 5 years 2 months this very day.

Cheesy you may say, but to me every chance you have to celebrate, take it!

Life’s too short to not celebrate the little things and big things, every day :)

{ New York Times }


2 thoughts on “well, well, well.

  1. I loved that Times article as well. I love his idea that the true face is revealed through jumping! If so, Miss Marilyn must have been a pretty delightful person. Thanks for writing about Bluestockings, and congratulations on five years! Awesome.

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi Michelle, you’re most welcome :) And thank you for your congratulations… Nice to see you ’round here!

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