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Deelish bread that, when dipped in the fantastic olive oil at the restaurant, was irresistable.

What we had :

Raviolini in chicken stock (shared)

The raviolini were postage-stamp sized, super cute – and fun to eat.

Spinach and ricotta pansotti in butter, sage and parmigiano sauce (for me)

Home-made Tajarin in squid-ink sauce (for M)

Molten lava chocolate souffle (shared)

‘Twas a lovely and much-needed meal. Service was attentive, friendly, and prompt … Osvaldo Forlino came over to our table (he made his rounds), which left me a bit star-struck.

In a way the meal was a walk down memory lane – revisiting the many places we saw together at different points in our lives.

The raviolini in chicken stock took me back to Prague, where we found solace from the biting cold in a restaurant that served up super comforting tortellini in chicken soup for 2 EUR.

And the molten lava souffle brought to mind a similarly delicious version we had at Blue Pumpkin, where we whiled away many a stiflingly-hot Siem Reap afternoon 2 years ago.

Then, the squid-ink pasta M ordered reminded me of a funny Valentine’s Day we celebrated at Friends at Jelita (irony!), where squid-ink pasta was actually offered on the Valentine’s Day special menu. (Not wise, eh?)

And my dear M, of course, ordered that very dish. Never mind the black lips! (Brave soul. That, or very confident of his appeal in black lipstick.)

Only downside to the whole night – Hurt my foot while rushing over from work, and as a result, my left heel / below-ankle area is swollen and throbbing. Oh and my iPhone had its first concussion (therefore no photos of the meal) … thankfully revived after frantic googling at home showed up a solution (press both home and sleep/wake buttons and hold).

What a night!

{ photos from sparklingorstill }


2 thoughts on “Osvaldo.

  1. zee says:

    how awesome, babe! it’s nice to have shared memories and experiences like that. :) you’re most welcome… thanks for sharing with me too :)

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